Prostate Milking

Dec 23 2016

Prostate milking the stimulation of the prostate gland in males also known as prostate massage is performed either for medical or sexual purposes. Mostly prostate milking is used by symptoms of chronic prostatitis and for reduction of sexual activity. Massage is a medical procedure used in treatment of chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). […]

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Tips for Making Sushi

May 03 2016

Typical sushi served in restaurants are maki-zushi, the rolled variety, and nigiri-zushi, which are small, slightly hand-compressed ovals of rice topped with thin slices of fresh raw fish. I would consider both of those sushi varieties to be of intermediate difficulty, and beginners would be better off making temari-zushi (ball-sushi) and temaki-zushi (hand-rolled sushi). Both […]

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How to Season a Wok

May 02 2016

If you have just recently purchased a new wok or received it as a gift, congratulations, and welcome to the beginning of a new cooking adventure! In order to pave the road to endless culinary possibilities, as a new wok owner, you must take a few minutes and learn how to season your wok. There […]

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Pho how to Eat what is Pho Vietnamese Soups

May 01 2016

How to eat Pho Vietnam has a long history of being dominated by other cultures. Both the Chinese and the Indians have been in control of Vietnam, as have the French. Throughout these occupations the Vietnamese have stilled retained most of their own ways, thought you can see the influence on art, architecture and food. […]

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A brief History of Spanish Food Ingredients

May 01 2016

Recorded culinary history of Spain began to unfold in the second century before Christ as the Romans maintained their rule of Spain which lasted for hundreds of years. The Romans developed an infrastructure of roads, bridges, and aqueducts. They built the magnificent cities of Barcelona, Tarragona, Medrida, and ingrained a passion for good food. The […]

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How to Make Fried Rice

Apr 30 2016

Making fried rice for my ever critical family has made my recipe quite popular amongst the young friends of our three sons. I cannot make enough it seems. Usually having to make it at a moment’s notice, I boil the rice in a rice steamer or if a larger quantity is required in the microwave […]

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Seasoning a Wok

Apr 29 2016

How about adding a little diversity to your usual food prep aids. A wok can make a delightful addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re making the traditional wok stir fry or an original creation, the wok brings variety and diversity to any meal. There are a few things must be done in order to maintain […]

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Celebrity Chef Alton Brown

Apr 28 2016

As seen on “Good Eats,” “Iron Chef America,” and “Feasting on Asphalt,” Alton Brown has carved his way through the hearts of America, and is shown as a culinary visionary. Located in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, Alton began “Good Eats” and was debuted in 1998 on WTTW and then shown on Food Network. For […]

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Guide to Traditional Japanese Desserts

Apr 27 2016

Japanese do not eat what Westerners call desserts. Typically their meals end with fresh, seasonal fruit. This does not mean that the Japanese do not enjoy sweets. In fact, they like their sweets so much that they devote time between meals to sweets and tea. Ingredients common in traditional Japanese sweets are rice flour, azuki […]

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How to Fold Wontons

Apr 26 2016

In order to fold a wonton you need to have your filling ready and a supply of water nearby to use to moisten the edges of the wonton. Since my children enjoy helping me fill wontons there are two methods of folding wontons that we use in our home. One is easy enough for my […]

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